Saturday | 22 Jun 2024

The Euro Mediterranean Economists Association – EMEA is a partner of the “Trends in Global Governance and Europe’s Role (TRIGGER)” project. TRIGGER is led by the Centre for European Policy Studies.

Trends in Global Governance and Europe’s Role (TRIGGER) project aims at providing EU institutions with knowledge and tools to enhance their actorness, effectiveness and influence in global governance. Developing new ways to harness the potential of public engagement and participatory foresight in complex governance decisions.

TRIGGER specific objectives are:

  • Advance the state of the art in understanding global governance;
  • Evolution of the EU’s interaction with global governance, in particular so-called “actorness” and “effectiveness” of the EU;
  • Understand how global governance and emerging technologies interact, and what role the EU plays in this respect, in particular as “regulatory superpower”;
  • Identify emerging trends that strengthen / loosen deeper global governance and cooperation;
  • Build capacity for strategic foresight and public engagement inside EU institutions.

EMEA will contribute to the EU-Africa economic partnership.

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