Tuesday | 23 Jul 2024

Citizens Looking for Multidimensional Migration Challenges (CITIMIG)

EMEA participates in the 18-month project “Citizen Looking for Multidimensional Migration Challenges”, led by the Paneuropean Movement Austria and co-financed by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union.

About the project

Regional wars, climate changes, socio-economic inequalities, rise of populisms and undemocratic regimes along with it around the world have triggered the greatest migrations after World War II. As such, they started shaping the European political, economic and demographic landscape, which represents a huge pressure on already established European political ecosystem. Migrations have already influenced and to certain extent forced the EU policy-makers and decision-makers to start including this topic into policy-making process (e. g. EU foreign policy, Schengen system, security policies etc.). According to the EP’s Eurobarometer 2018, immigration, economy and growth, youth unemployment and climate change have come in the forefront of priorities. Not only the politics, migrations have changed citizens’ perception about the intercultural dialogue, opinion about other cultures and process of building-up on mutual understanding.

The project aims at addressing the multidimensional perspective of migrations, from social, economic, intercultural, security, environmental and other aspects. We wish to involve citizens in the EU policy-making process and encourage them to take active role in initiating policy actions. Bringing at one table political leaders, experts and citizens, presenting each other their views on policies and measures, elaborating each aspect within small working groups, involving them in intense discussions, we wish them to come to conclusions what should best serve to citizens as well as to the future of Europe. With the project, we will enhance the bottom-up approach, empower citizens to better understand the EU policy-making process, foster mutual cooperation between citizens, raise the level of societal engagement and offer an open space for drafting policy proposals for better and common European politics. We will build up on 3I approach: inclusiveness, innovativeness and interactivity.


The project foresees six main events (international conferences, workshops, policy-labs, round-table discussions and lectures), along with the survey and the project proceedings. Active engagement of citizens, institutions, policy-makers, media and other relevant stakeholders will play a key role to achieve the project’s results.


1 March 2020 – 31 August 2021

Project partners

Paneuropean Movement Austria (lead partner)

Slovenian Paneuropean Movement

Centre for European Policy Studies, Belgium

Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association, Spain

Europe’s Peoples’ Forum, Denmark

Paneuropean Union Montenegro

University of Catania, Italy

Institute of Advanced Studies, Hungary

Paneuropean Union Hungary

ESDES – Lyon Business School, France