Sunday | 23 Jun 2024

STable food Access and Prices and Lower Exposure to Shocks

STAPLES is a PRIMA project dedicated to enhancing the resilience of Mediterranean and MENA food systems in the face of global economic instability. By delving into the complexities of external stressors from global value chains, STAPLES aims to empower local governments and economic stakeholders. Through innovative solutions and evidence-based recommendations, STAPLES strengthens the cereal value chain, ensuring food security and stability. Additionally, with a specialized Decision Support System (DSS), STAPLES guides the adoption of effective strategies to address external challenges and safeguard food systems.

EMEA is the leader of WP3: Developing Innovative Solutions And Evidence-Based Recommendations for Domestic Agricultural Production. WP3 aims to develop innovative solutions and evidence-based recommendations for strategies and best practices to increase domestic agricultural production of grains that local authorities, farmers and farmers’ organisations of the MENA food systems can use to enhance the resilience of the systems and ensure food security.

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