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Foresight and Policy Analysis

Building on MEDPRO quantitative and qualitative foresight analyses, EMEA develops new models and scenarios for policy and strategic decision-making, proposes new applications for regions, sub-regions and countries and suggests policy guidance towards achieving long-term political and socio-economic sustainable developments. EMEA is also developing the foresight -learning hub with its partners.

EMEA Project Coordinator Dr. Cynthia Echave participates at the ETU Initiative Networking Event and the 7th CrowdCamp
Dr. Cynthia Echave, Project Coordinator at the Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association (EMEA) participated in the Renewable Energy Community Networking…
Prof Ayadi’s interview featured in the EBA 2021 Annual Report
The European Banking Authority (EBA) included in its Annual Report 2021 an interview of EMEA President Prof. Rym…
Rym Ayadi in Trieste Forum
EMEA President Prof. Rym Ayadi delivers keynote speech at the Trieste Eastern Europe Investment Forum
The President of EMEA, Prof. Rym Ayadi, participated at the Trieste Eastern Europe Investment Forum 2022 which took…