Tuesday | 16 Apr 2024

The Green Living Areas Mission aims to improve the lives of Mediterranean citizens by promoting the development of green living areas. As part of the Interreg Euro-MED Programme, the Mission undertakes projects that bring local communities to life with green development at their epicentre, reducing negative climate impacts on the region’s ecosystems, and enhancing climate resilience.

The Mission is jointly managed by two key projects working on two different aspects:  

  1. The Thematic Community (Community 4 Living Areas) project aims to build a community among thematic projects and facilitate resource transfers to stakeholders, focusing on technical and strategic content.
  2. The Institutional Dialogue (Dialogue 4 Living Areas) project aims to amplify the transfer of policies by fostering dialogue among policymakers and their stakeholders, focusing on continuous policy improvement and transformation

EMEA is a project partner in the Community 4 Living Areas and is leading the overall strategy ensuring alignment of the partner’s activities. Being an expert institution on key topics such as sustainable finance, the energy transition (building on ETU), and the circular & regenerative economy, EMEA is well placed to provide insight on the smooth implementation of the project.

EMEA will also establish the transfer of the project’s network and results towards the south of the Mediterranean and North Africa.

The project partners of C4LA are:

  • Scientific Research Centre Bistra Ptuj – ZRS BISTRA PTUJ (SL)- LEAD PARTNER
  • Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association – EMEA (ES)
  • MedCities Association – MedCities (ES)
  • ENVIRONMENT PARK – Science and Technology Park for environment – Envipark (IT)
  • North-West Croatia Regional Energy Agency – REGEA (HR)
  • National Association of the Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria – NAMRB (BG)
  • Regional Center for Development and Cooperation – RCDC (AL)
  • Region of Western Greece (GR)

Find out more by visiting the
Green Living Areas Mission website.