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Event Reports 11/01/2023

EMEA at COP27 Event Report

The Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association (EMEA) participated at the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP27 held in Sharm El Sheik, Egypt from 6 to…

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Event Reports 06/01/2023

Workshop on Building an ecosystemic transition model with transformative actions

On November 3rd 2022, EMEA held a workshop to discuss transformative actions to tackle climate change aimed to pre launch – the Sustainable Transformative…

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External Publications 08/12/2022

Brain health-directed policymaking: A new concept to strengthen democracy

Democracies are increasingly under siege. Beyond direct external (e.g., warfare) and internal (e.g., populism, extremism) threats to democratic nations, multiple democracy-weakening factors are …

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Event Reports 23/10/2022

EMEA Webinar report: Brain capital innovations in Latin America

The webinar “Brain capital innovations in Latin America” was co-organised by EMEA and the Brain Capital Alliance in collaboration with OECD Neuroscience-inspired Policy…

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Annual Reports 21/09/2022

EMEA Annual Report 2021

The Annual Report 2021 presents EMEA’s key activities and achievements of the year, including publications, events and innovative research platforms.

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Newsletters 20/09/2022

EMEA Quarterly Newsletter May – August 2022

The EMEA Quarterly Newsletter May-Aug 2022 presents EMEA publications, organised events, and main actions and activities, during the period May – August 2022

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External Publications 07/09/2022

Infrastructure financing to enhance transparency, liquidity and sustainability: A policy and regulatory framework

Author: Rym Ayadi Amidst global challenges and uncertainties, low-income countries (LICs) and lower middle-income countries (LMICs) will continue borrowing and pushing debt levels…

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Event Reports 01/09/2022

Event report: Brain Capital – The Power of Imagination and Creativity

The Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association (EMEA), one of the founding partners of the Brain Capital Alliance hosted the working conference Brain Capital: The Power…

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External Publications 30/08/2022

A proposal for a blended financing framework for recovery and accelerated sustainable transition

Author: Rym Ayadi Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic continues its successive waves worldwide, the eruption of the war in Ukraine has disrupted the global…

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Event Reports 01/07/2022

18th International Conference on Pension Insurance and Savings

Organised by the University Paris Dauphine PSL LEDa DIAL, the Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association, the Paris School of Economics, NOVA IMS, and Singapour Management…

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