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External Publications 08/04/2024

Trade networks and the productivity of MENA firms in global value chains

Global Value Chain (GVC) participation is typically associated with a productivity premium, yet similar firms can benefit differently depending on the possibility for…

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Event Reports 02/04/2024

EMEA WEBINAR REPORT – The role of debt in climate finance for the Mediterranean and Africa

The webinar “The role of debt in climate finance for the Mediterranean and Africa” was organised by the Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association – EMEA…

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External Publications 23/03/2024

Why Brain Health Must Lead Migration System Reform

The authors delve into the transformative potential of brain capital, which encompasses the cognitive abilities and mental well-being of a society, within the…

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External Publications 16/03/2024

Brain-Healthy Cities: How Urban Planning Can Foster Healthy Brains and Minds

The Baker Institute for Public Policy published the paper Brain-Healthy Cities: How Urban Planning Can Foster Healthy Brains and Minds” co-authored by EMEA…

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Event Reports 22/02/2024

EMANES Annual Conference 2023 Event Report

The EMANES, the EU-Mediterranean and African Network for Economic Studies (EMANES) Annual Conference 2023 “Novel approaches for regional partnerships in the EU-Mediterranean and…

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External Publications 18/02/2024

WHO Technical Meeting “Measures of early-life brain health at population level” – Report

Brain health is increasingly attracting attention thanks to scientific and technological advances. Investing in brain health across the life course through education, access…

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Event Reports 08/02/2024

EMEA at COP28 Event Report

As COP28 concluded, the Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association – EMEA emerged as an active contributor to the discussions surrounding innovative solutions to mitigating and…

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Newsletters 29/01/2024


The EMEA Quarterly Newsletter Sep-Dec 2023 presents EMEA publications, organised events, and main actions and activities, during the period September – December 2023

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External Publications 25/01/2024

Brain capital is crucial for global sustainable development

The Brain Capital Alliance has outlined in a letter to Lancet Neurology how brain capital, an economic asset integrating brain health and skills,…

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External Publications 15/01/2024

The Brain Economy: Advancing Brain Science to Better Understand the Modern Economy

The coming years are likely to be turbulent due to a myriad of factors, including an escalation in climate extremes, emerging public health…

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Infographics, Studies, Statements 10/12/2023

EMEA Recommendations for Transformative Sustainable Development

EMEA participated in COP28 in Dubai, as a partner of the Mediterranean Coalition coordinated by the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM). EMEA Recommendations…

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