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CALL FOR PAPERS 19th International Conference on Pensions, Insurance and Savings
Annual SIGMA Research Symposium on
“Ageing and Well-being over the Life Course”


We are pleased to announce the call for papers for the Annual SIGMA Research Symposium and the “19th international conference on pensions, insurance and savings” co-organized with Hitotsubashi University (HU), Tokyo, Japan.

Researchers and Ph.D. candidates from all SIGMA member institutions, industry/community experts and policymakers will be invited to exchange and discuss research findings and related policy implications in the area of Ageing and Well-being over the Life Course.

Theme:  Ageing and Well-being over the Life Course”
Dates/Venue:   11-12 May 2023/Hitotsubashi University (HU), Tokyo, Japan

Topics of interest include :

1. Economic well-being: this theme encompasses but is not limited to understanding various aspects of individuals’ access to economic resources and their capacity to contribute to an individual’s needs and aspirations, as well as their ability to cope with the financial implications of risks (such as health-care costs, loss of income through unemployment or the sudden onset of unfortunate events) a. Healthcare Insurance b. Social Security and Public Pension c. Retirement Preparedness

2. Mental well-being: this theme encompasses but is not limited to both subjective and cognitive aspects of mental well-being, for instance the experience of pleasant and unpleasant feelings and satisfaction with one’s life, as well as one’s cognitive functioning and vulnerability to conditions such as dementia

  1. . Mental resilience over the life course
  2. Impact of Covid-19 on mental well-being
  3. Impact of interventions on mental health and well-being

3. Physical well-being: this theme encompasses but is not limited to epidemiological studies of the incidence of chronic disease and mortality rates among older adults, the study of health behaviors, as well as shifting notions of physical ability and health from the onset of disease to the concept of intrinsic capacity

  1. Preventive healthcare policies and approaches
  2. [additional topics to be included]

4. Social well-being: this theme encompasses but is not limited to both subjective and objective dimensions of social well-being, for instance the social network resources of older adults, as well as older adults’ subjective assessments of their integration within their communities or the issue of loneliness and social isolation among older adults.


Researchers interested in presenting a paper are requested to submit a complete version or an abstract to:
or send directly their full papers to conference email address:

Deadline Extended: March 15, 2023.