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Call for papers for the EMANES Annual Conference 2023


EMANES Annual Conference provides a forum for researchers, practitioners and policy makers to discuss current issues related to socio-economic development and regional integration in Europe, the Mediterranean and Africa. While the specific theme of the Annual Conference varies from year to year, the overall objective of this event is to stimulate discussion of high quality and policy relevant cutting-edge research that informs our understanding of how various socio-economic issues can affect the overall economy and the societies at the national and regional levels and the extent of interconnectedness and complementarities between the economies that lead to peaceful, prosperous, healthy and vibrant societies.

EMANES Annual Conference 2023 website: https://conference2023.emnes.org/
Further information on past EMANES Annual Conferences and featured themes can be found https://conference2022.emnes.org/


The EMANES Annual Conference 2023 offers leading and young academics, practitioners and policymakers the opportunity to discuss innovative research on a range of topics related to the EU-Mediterranean and Africa partnership and regional integration with a focus on institutional, economic, financial, human, R&D, innovation and infrastructure pillars. .

As the world emerges from a global pandemic and the ongoing war in Ukraine, several global challenges are calling for novel approaches of regional partnerships. The fragmentation of the global economic order, the persistent threats of climate change, the uncertain transition to a digital and more AI-based economies amidst a turbulent economic context poised with high inflation and low growth and employment generation are some of the societal challenges all economies are facing. Therefore, the need to building robust partnerships anchored in mutual trust and respect, shared values and goals and solidarity principles and burden sharing is crucial for a just, resilient, sustainable and inclusive future.

EMEA-EMANES research published during the last years explores precisely the effectiveness EU-Mediterranean- Africa Partnership with a focus on regional integration, interconnectedness and convergence. It also delves into how regional integration could become a pillar for sustainable and regenerative green economies that emphasizes the importance of complementarities to face global challenges and uncertain transitions.

Following that, the EMEA-EMANES research intends to identify novel partnerships, integration models and policy options and actions in the fields of trade, investment, energy, financing, R&D an innovation, and human development that allow to effectively alleviate the increasing socio-economic pressure across the whole region.

This call for papers invites submissions of high-quality unpublished manuscripts on topics related to the EU-Mediterranean Africa Partnership towards the transition to a resilient, green, inclusive sustainable and regenerative socio-economic development, but not limited to:

  1. Novel resilient, sustainable and inclusive regional partnerships and socio-economic integration models;
  2. Financing mechanisms to enhance regional partnerships in key economic sectors;
  3. Digitalization and changes in local, regional and global value chains and their impacts;
  4. Regional value chains in key economic sectors and new models of trade and investments,
  5. Regional partnerships to deal with emerging socio-economic, climate and environmental challenges for just transition and integration;
  6. Regional solidarity mechanisms (macro, monetary and social) as a pillar for resilient regional partnerships;
  7. New models of enterprises at regional levels (i.e. stakeholders value models and other emerging forms in the digital economy) to respond to societal challenges in the EU-Mediterranean region;
  8. New forms of partnerships in social matters (healthcare, migration and human development)

Submissions under other topics are encouraged with a focus on regional partnerships:

  • Monetary policy during and post COVID-19 and during the War in Ukraine
  • Fiscal policy during and post COVID-19 and during the War in Ukraine
  • Debt sustainability and international cooperation for debt relief
  • Financial inclusion, crypto-currencies, digitalization, financial education and role of Central Banks;
  • Sustainability and stability of financial systems during and post COVID-19 and during the War in Ukraine
  • COVID-19 recovery and green stimulus policies
  • Financial innovation, inclusion and the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) in extreme risks scenarios
  • Role of the state, financial institutions and markets in post-COVID 19 recovery and the war in Ukraine
  • Social protection and social inclusion, in post-COVID 19 recovery and the War in Ukraine

Papers on other EMANES research areas are encouraged.

The Euro-Mediterranean and African Network of Economic Studies (EMANES) new socio-economic vision stems from the quest for long-term economic policy solutions aiming at more transparent, responsible, inclusive, sustainable, equitable, employment driven and regenerative socio-economic development in the region.

EMANES research covers the following areas:

  • The role of institutions and labour markets;
  • The role of the private sector and Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in achieving an inclusive development model;
  • Social business and social inclusion;
  • Health policy;
  • Creative and cultural economy;
  • Sustainable development and low carbon economy;
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation;
  • Finance, employment and inclusive growth;
  • Human capital, skill mismatches, job creation and migration;
  • Macroeconomic policies, productivity and job creation;
  • Economics of the EU-Mediterranean and EU-African partnership;
  • Regional integration and job creation;
  • Scenario analysis and foresight;


Deadline for Submission: October 15, 2023
Notification of Acceptance: November 6, 2023
Registration Deadline accepted author: November 15, 2023
Conference dates: December 13- 14-15th, 2023


In conjunction with the EMANES Annual Conference, selected papers will be considered for a special issue of the Economic Notes Journal


There will be two Best Paper Awards of EUR 2,000 each sponsored by the Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association


This year’s EMANES Annual Conference will be hosted hybrid in Barcelona by the Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association (EMEA) in collaboration with the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS).


Registration Fees: The conference is free of charge
Submit by email to: emanes.conference@euromed-economists.org