Wednesday | 22 May 2024

Salvador Simó Algado

Salvador Simó Algado PhD, MsC, MBA, is an international consultant in themes related to mental health, arts&culture, and social entrepreneurship. Lecturer, researcher, Adjunct Director of the Mental Health Chair, and Coordinator of the Mental Health and Social Innovation Research group at UVIC-UCC. Lecturer of Entrepreneurship at the European Business School. He has been visiting lecturer at more than 24 international universities (in Canada, Sweden, France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Portugal, The Netherlands, Ireland, England,  Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Latvia, Turkey, Chile, Argentina,  Costa Rica, and Guatemala).

He was responsible for mental health and social entrepreneurship projects working with refugee communities in Bosnia, Guatemala, and Kosovo with NGO’s as Medecins sans Frontiers. His main experience is designing and implementing European projects, integrating health, social participation, and economic development. He has been national IP for 4 Erasmus +, 1 H2020, 1 AMIF, 3 EU Intensive Programs and he has been recognized as European expert by Cost Action. At a national level he has co-leaded almost 50 projects relted to art, social determinants of mental health, social entrepreneurship, etc.

Salvador Simó holds a Ph.D. in Inclusive Education (UVic-UCC); a Master’s in Business Administration (ENAC BS); Postgraduates in Social Entrepreneurship (IESE Business School), Writing and design projects (Hogeschool Van Amsterdam) and Narrative Research (Karolinska Instituted). He also holds a bachelor’s in occupational therapy and in Translation Studies. He has directed 3 Ph. D. thesis , 6 Ph. D. thesis more in process. Author of 12 books, 24 chapters of book and around 60 articles. Member of the international Think-tanks, Social transformation through occupation; WFOT Sustainability group.

Areas of Expertise: Entrepreneurship, Mental Health, Creativity