Sunday | 21 Apr 2024

Robert Lanquar

Robert Lanquar ( Doctor in Economics and Tourism Law from Aix – Marseille III University, obtained a PhD. in “Recreation Resources Organizational Development” at Texas A&M University (United States); as well as a Doctorate from the University of Cordoba with a thesis on the future of tourism (2023) in Philosophy and Letters with the mention Cum Laude. Former international civil servant of the UNWTO, he was and is an advisor and expert to several international organizations such as the UNWTO, UNDP, UNEP, World Bank, European Commission, Commonwealth, etc.

A specialist in the Mediterranean, he led several networks in favor of Mediterranean cooperation including MED-DEV – trade, tourism, environment. Author of more than 20 books (including chapters) and 300 reports and articles on tourism and the environment in French, English and Spanish, has been translated into English, Chinese, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, Vietnamese. During his career, he worked as a university professor in Canada, France, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland and Spain. President of Cordoba Horizontes and Research Director of Swiss UMEF Geneva, he is currently collaborator of the University of Cordoba and was appointed by the Paradigm Cordoba Foundation for Convivence, Commissioner of its second World Forum. He published in 2022-2023 in French and Spanish a book on The Jews of the Silk Roads, in the 12th century, during the Medieval Climatic Optimum,  according to the Travel of Benjamin of Tudela (Spain), showing the convivence condition of this time between the different religions and cultures. French Order of National Merit.

Areas of Expertise: Economics, Tourism, Environment