Friday | 24 May 2024

Isabel Lorenzo Sánchez

Associate Researcher

Mrs. Isabel Lorenzo Sánchez obtained a degree in Human Biology and a Master in Research and Innovation management (Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona). Isabel also graduated as a master in Clinical Nutrition (Barcelona University). She is currently pursuing a PhD in Biomedicine, regarding the impact of dehydration in muscle quality and other frailty parameters (Vic University, Barcelona)

Isabel has developed a strong background in Public Health Management as Controller. Since 2005 she worked with several Health Consortia, in the Public Sector (Consorci Sanitari del Maresme, Barcelona), as well as Public-Private Partnership Model (Hospital de Dènia PPP).

Since 2014 she belongs to GRESFD (a Sarcopenia, Frailty and Dependence Research Group), an AGAUR certified Group by Generalitat de Catalunya.

Isabel published several papers regarding her doctoral thesis: