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External Publications 07/09/2022

Infrastructure financing to enhance transparency, liquidity and sustainability: A policy and regulatory framework

Author: Rym Ayadi Amidst global challenges and uncertainties, low-income countries (LICs) and lower middle-income countries (LMICs) will continue borrowing and pushing debt levels…

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External Publications 30/08/2022

A proposal for a blended financing framework for recovery and accelerated sustainable transition

Author: Rym Ayadi Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic continues its successive waves worldwide, the eruption of the war in Ukraine has disrupted the global…

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External Publications 06/10/2021

Debt Relief for Sustainable Recovery in Low-and Middle-Income Countries: Proposal for New Funding Mechanisms to Complement the DSSI

Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic continues its successive waves worldwide and amidst the uncertainty about the timing and the effectiveness of the vaccine coupled…

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External Publications 06/10/2021

Sustainable and Quality Infrastructure Beyond the Covid-19 Pandemic: Proposals for New Financing Models

Infrastructure investment is indispensable for green and inclusive recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. However, public funding has been limited due to the use…

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Policy Papers 17/03/2021

Demand and Supply Exposure Through Global Value Chains: Euro-Mediterranean Countries During Covid

This paper tries to examine how the COVID-19 shock affects different countries through their regional integration and their exposure to Global Value Chains…

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Event Reports 21/12/2020

EMEA webinar report: “Impacts of COVID-19 in the Cultural Creative Industry (CCI) in the Mediterranean: What Role for Digitalization?”

 The webinar explored the impacts of COVID-19 on the CCI in the Mediterranean and discussed the role of digitalisation as a vector…

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Event Reports 19/11/2020

EMEA webinar report: “Reforming International Debt Architecture: Can Debt Transparency Be Achieved for Africa” – 22 October 2020

 The focus of the webinar was to discuss the role of debt transparency in reforming the international debt architecture. The discussion was…

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Policy Papers 02/07/2020

Sustainable recovery post-COVID-19: A twin proposal to preserve bank resilience and fund the European economy

The policy paper reviews the policy interventions that EU institutions and governments put in place to reduce the risks of lockdown and the…

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Policy Papers 30/06/2020

Lebanon: a case of a compounded crisis: A TRIS path for the Phoenix to re-emerge from the ashes

Lebanon is facing several challenges at economic, social, governance and environmental levels. The COVID-19 crisis served to amplify these existing crises. In this…

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Policy Papers 18/06/2020

Digital financial inclusion: A pillar of resilience amidst COVID-19 in the Mediterranean and Africa

EMEA Policy Paper Rym Ayadi, Mais Shaban The COVID-19 global health crisis, that has rapidly become an economic crisis, is severely harming the…

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