Tuesday | 16 Apr 2024

Paper on the importance of brain health on migration system reform co-authored by R. Ayadi, H. Eyre, W. Hynes and E. Stotts-Lee published by the Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy

The Baker Institute for Public Policy published the Policy Brief “Why Brain Health Must Lead Migration System Reform” co-authored by EMEA President, Prof Rym Ayadi, EMEA Advisory Board members, Harris A. Eyre, MD PhD, William Hynes, D.Phil, and EMEA Research Assistant Elena Stotts-Lee.

The authors delve into the transformative potential of brain capital, which encompasses the cognitive abilities and mental well-being of a society, within the context of migration. They examine how brain capital can be incorporated at every stage of the migration process, including the processing of migrants at entry points, their assimilation into society, and their integration into the economy. They also explore the incredible resilience demonstrated by migrants in response to traumatic events and underscore the need for individualized approaches to address each migrant’s needs.

Paper authors: Rym Ayadi, Harris A. Eyre, William Hynes, Elena Stotts-Lee, Luz Maria Garcini, Fadi Maalouf, Augustin Ibanez, Mohamed Salama, Rachel A. Meidl

The paper is available at https://www.bakerinstitute.org/research/why-brain-health-must-lead-migration-system-reform

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Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy, also known as the Baker Institute, is an American think tank on the campus of Rice University in Houston, Texas. Founded in 1993, it functions as a center for public policy research.