Friday | 01 Mar 2024

EMEA TRIS Dashboard is launched

The TRIS is a development model first introduced by Ayadi & Sessa (2020). It acts a framework for policy responses to the medium- and long-term challenges facing our economies and societies. It puts wealth creation and economic growth in terms of sustainability and inclusiveness to monitor not only the quantity of growth but also the quality. The TRIS model is named for the four pillars it aims to achieve. They are:

  • Transparent governance and accountability
  • Responsible living and social rights
  • Inclusive and productive economies
  • Sustainable energy and environment strategies

The TRIS model is multi-purpose. On one hand, it may be used as a foresight exercise to inform policy decision-making at different levels of government. On the other, the TRIS provides a framework for monitoring the progress of national or regional development. The challenge is to integrate the TRIS model into mainstream approaches for transformative action through the economic, governmental, social, and environmental transformations the world is currently experiencing.

From the fruits of the TRIS model, EMEA has developed the TRIS Dashboard. The Dashboard is an interactive open access knowledge platform that monitors key dimensions and relevant indicators of the four pillars of the TRIS model with transparency at its core. Within each pillar there are different dimensions, and within each dimension there are different indicators. To visualise the development of countries within these dimensions, we have developed an interactive map to allow users, policymakers and researchers alike, to explore data to inform their actions. To understand how a country is developing over time, we have also developed a tool called Country Plots. This shows the data set available for a set of indicators for any given country.

The Dashboard can be viewed here.

The TRIS Dashboard was pre-launched at COP27 (Sharm El Sheikh) where Professor Rym Ayadi presented the TRIS model and dashboard in an event on the importance of research and innovation in the fight against climate change in the Mediterranean. It was officially launched at the EMANES Annual Conference 2022. You can watch the launch at the EMEA Youtube.