Thursday | 23 May 2024

EMEA releases event report: Mind-body Approaches to Boosting Brain Capital

EMEA is happy to present the event report for the workshop held on Mind-body Approaches to Boosting Brain Capital. The workshop was held on the 15th February 2023 at EMEA HQ’s, Sant Pau Recinte Modernista as part of BioRegion Health Innovation Week organised by BioCat. The workshop was held in collaboration with Brain Capital Alliance, OECD Neuroscience-inspired Policy Initiative, Centre for Health and Bioscience at the Baker Institute for Public Policy at Rice University, University of Colorado Denver’s Imaginator Academy, and the European Brain Council.

The event presented EMEA’s work on Brain Capital including the Brain Capital Dashboard and invited a number of experts to discuss exercise and creativity as measures for boosting brain health and brain skills.

Download the report  here  and watch the recording on the EMEA Youtube Channel.