Friday | 23 Feb 2024

EMEA presents short film on creativity and science in climate preservation, at its office in Sant Pau – Barcelona

On 25 November 2023, the short film “Whispers of the Earth: A symphony of change” was presented at EMEA HQs in Sant Pau Recinte Modernista, Barcelona.

The film has been produced by EMEA and delves into the overlooked intersection of creativity and science in climate preservation, underscoring the crucial need to reestablish a connection between society and its natural surroundings. It re-inforces the notion that our home extends beyond mere concrete walls, emphasizing the responsibility to safeguard a more expansive environment. The narrative explores the importance of passing down knowledge and serves as a poignant reminder that addressing climate change necessitates a collaborative, multigenerational effort, where shared humanity and connections bring us together.

Synopsis of the short film: In this unfolding narrative, Alba, a sculptor deeply committed to environmental causes, gathers clay from a lakeside. A serendipitous encounter with Mati, a young girl, sparks an unexpected connection. However, upon Alba’s departure, Mati discovers a forgotten ball of clay. Determined to return it, Mati embarks on a journey to find the elusive artist. While her attempts prove futile, the quest becomes a transformative experience for Mati, revealing her capacity to effect positive change independently.


  • Executive Producer: Rym Ayadi, EMEA President and Founder
  • Produced by Barking Horse Studios
  • Director and Writer: Kolya-Alvaro dam de Nogales
  • Sculptures: Veronica and Edwin Dam de Nogales
  • Cinematographer: Emi Reyes
  • Starring Matilde Avila and Veronica de Nogales
  • Music by Ludovico Einaudi
  • Sound by Dacio de las Heras
  • First AC Raffaela Rosset
  • Music Consultant: Daniel Luque

Link to the short film: