Sunday | 14 Jul 2024

EMEA participates at the Interreg Euro MED Government Projects meeting

EMEA Project Manager Joanna Grodzka attended the Interreg Euro MED Government Projects meeting in Marseille from July 3 to 4, 2024. This event offered a valuable opportunity to engage with members from all four missions and share insights and experiences from the program’s initial stage.

Joanna presented the ecosystemic approach employed by the Community for Green Living Areas project, aimed at identifying synergies among 19 projects within the thematic community. The first day focused on coordination between governance and thematic projects, emphasizing the value of future results and the Euro-MED Academy. On the second day, the discussions centered on stakeholder engagement, with participants joining working sessions with their respective groups and complementary governance projects.

EMEA is a project partner in the Community 4 Living Areas and is leading the overall strategy ensuring alignment of the partner’s activities.