Sunday | 14 Jul 2024

EMEA participates at 11th edition of the European Urban Resilience Forum

EMEA Project Manager Joanna Grodzka, attended the 11th edition of the European Urban Resilience Forum (EURESFO) held from June 26 to 28, 2024, in Valencia. The event, organized by ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability and the European Environment Agency (EEA), provided a platform for local and regional institutions to share, exchange, and learn about strategies for making cities more resilient to the changes brought about by climate change.

The event started with a session in which the representatives of Tallinn, Sofia, Leuven, Heidelberg, and ICLEI Europe commented on the importance of a systemic, multi-level approach that aligns leadership around a common goal. They all underlined the importance of a long-term vision in which people must be at the centre of the inclusive and fair transition. That transition is impossible without financial mechanisms that allow green and a new governance model.

The session “Unlocking Climate Finance for Urban Transformation” revealed the necessity of public-private funding and highlighted the role of the EIB and Climate City Capital Hub, an international finance resource to support cities participating in the EU Mission on Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities.

Several sessions were dedicated to strategies for mobilisation of the citizens, without whose engagement, the local green transition can’t be successful. Great importance was also given to the management of water resources in cities, and NBS solutions not only help mitigate the adverse effects of climate change but also have a beneficial effect on our mental and physical health.

The connections and interactions established during the event will be very beneficial for the Community for Green Living Area, Interreg Euro MED project. which supports 19 thematic projects that concentrate on ecosystemic solutions to expedite the green transition in Mediterranean countries. EMEA is a project partner in the Community 4 Living Areas and is leading the overall strategy ensuring alignment of the partner’s activities. Being an expert institution on key topics such as sustainable finance, the energy transition (building on ETU), and the circular & regenerative economy, EMEA is well placed to provide insight on the smooth implementation of the project. EMEA will also establish the transfer of the project’s network and results towards the south of the Mediterranean and North Africa.