Tuesday | 16 Apr 2024

EMEA launches Working Group on agroforestry under the Reforest Project and the STA

EMEA organised the first meeting of the “Agroforestry sector in the EU: Towards novel policies and financing frameworks” Working Group under the framework of the ReForest project, which took place online on February 28th, 2024. The Working Group brings together experts in the field and enable them to share the latest developments and knowledge on finance and policy applicable to the European agroforestry sector. It aims to strengthen scientific cooperation and research capacity. The members of the Working Group will contribute to the co-creation of innovative financial instruments and policy recommendations.

The first meeting formally launched the Working Group, introduced the members, fostered connections between them, and set the stage for productive collaboration. During the meeting, the ReForest project and EMEA’s work on agroforestry sector finance and policy were presented. The presentation was followed by a discussion among members on the recent policy developments and future prospects in the European agroforestry sector, in particular the development of sustainable financing schemes for agroforestry.

The Working Group will meet three times a year for the duration of the project. These meetings will focus on the current financial mechanisms and policy frameworks, the role of carbon farming in supporting the adoption of agroforestry systems, and recommendations towards novel policies and financing frameworks in the European agroforestry sector.

Meeting participants:

  • Rym Ayadi, Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association
  • Ivan Hajdukovic, Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association
  • Elena Stotts-Lee, Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association
  • George Christopoulos, Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association
  • Martin Lukáč, University of Redding
  • Nathalie Hilmi, Centre Scientifique de Monaco
  • Rico Hübner, Deutscher Fachverband für Agroforstwirtschaft (DeFAF) e.V.
  • Jaime Coello, Forest Science and Technology Centre of Catalonia (CTFC)
  • Julio Urruelo, CIHEAM
  • Burcu Berk, CREAF
  • Sebastien Mayr, University of Freiburg
  • Gerry Lawson, European Agroforestry Federation

With the growing ambition of the European Green Deal to overcome current challenges related to climate change and environmental degradation, policy initiatives and sustainable practices are needed to transform the European Union (EU) into a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy. Agroforestry as a multifunctional system could be at the centre of this transition given its potential environmental, economic and social benefits.

The Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association (EMEA) participates in the ReForest project (2022-2016), funded by Horizon Europe. The objective of ReForest is to enhance the adoption of agroforestry in Europe by fostering innovation, supporting knowledge exchange, and providing novel solutions to empower farmers to deliver multiple objectives such as food production, carbon sequestration and biodiversity enhancement.

Furthermore, on 2022 EMEA launched the Sustainable Transformative Action Initiative (STA), with the aim of developing innovative thinking and projects to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable, greener, and more resilient models in Europe, the Mediterranean and Africa. The aim of the STA is to contribute to the implementation of climate adaptation actions in Europe, the Mediterranean and Africa through a transdisciplinary approach based on identification of needs and opportunities, knowledge transferring, and encouraging transformative policies.

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