Saturday | 22 Jun 2024

EMEA co-organises workshop on Boosting Brain Capital with Brain Capital Alliance

On the 15th February, the Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association held the workshop Mind-body Approaches to Boost Brain Capital in Sant Pau Recinte Modernista, EMEA HQs, as part of the BioRegion Health Innovation Week organized by BioCat. The workshop was held in collaboration with Brain Capital Alliance, OECD Neuroscience-inspired Policy Initiative, Center for Health and Bioscience at The Baker Institute for Public Policy at Rice University, University of Colorado Denver’s Imaginator Academy, and European Brain Council.

To introduce the workshop, Prof. Rym Ayadi gave an overview of the work EMEA has done on Brain Capital so far and Sara Ronco, Researcher at EMEA, presented the Brain Capital Dashboard. The workshop was then divided into two sessions: one dealing with creativity and exercise as boosters of brain capital as separate concepts, and another identifying the intersections between creativity and exercise and the effects on brain health and skills. These topics brought together a wide variety of speakers calling in from many regions across the globe, including representatives from Catalonia and Spain.

To build creativity into the event, Sara Fascetti, freelance artist joined us to carry out a live drawing encapsulating all the ideas that were teased out during the discussions and fit them back together including creativity, exercise, and well-being.

Moderator of the event, Theo Edmonds, Founder at the Imaginator Academy said that “as the focus on environmental determinants of human health and economic systems grows, interest in creativity as a driver of workforce productivity and enterprise innovation is growing concurrently. By developing a creativity infrastructure within the emerging brain economy, companies have exponential opportunities for collaboration and commerce through the lens of human flourishing. The growing importance of stakeholder capitalism heightens the stakes even further. Strengthening our understanding of the mind-body connection in the cultural value chain of innovation has never been more important.”

Prof. Rym Ayadi, President and Founder of the Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association closed the workshop highlighting that we need innovative daring transformative approaches that link mind and body to enhance our brain capital in order to face growing societal challenges.

The conference was streamed live at the EMEA youtube. Stay tuned for the upcoming report.