Saturday | 22 Jun 2024

EMEA announces the webinar “Reforming International Debt Architecture: Can Debt Transparency Be Achieved for Africa” scheduled on Thursday 22 October 2020, 15:00 CET

The focus of the webinar is to discuss the role of debt transparency in reforming the international debt architecture. The discussion will be Africa specific and tackle issues such as sovereign defaults and debt relief measures, the role of the international organisations (e.g. IMF and the EU), the private sector and the potential path towards debt sustainability via transparency and conditionality.


Moderator: Alonso Soto, Correspondent Nigeria, Bloomberg 


Prof. Rym Ayadi, President, Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association (EMEA) and Professor, The Business School (Former CASS), London

Prof. Emilios Avgouleas, Professor, Chair, Edinburgh Law School

Sonja Gibbs, Managing Director,  Institute of  International Finance

Thomas Wyatt Laryea, Senior Partner, Orrick Law Firm

Funsho Allu, Founding Partner, TIA Capital

Kwame Sarpong Barnieh, Partner, KPMG Ghana

Moritz Kraemer, Chief Economic Advisor, Acreditus

The webinar is co-organised by TIA Capital and EMEA and will take place on Thursday 22 October at 15:00 CET on Zoom.

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