The study was conducted by Bertelsmann Stiftung in collaboration with the Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association (EMEA). It underscores the pivotal role of green energy cooperation between the EU and its Southern Neighbourhood as a transformative pathway towards strengthening bilateral relations. The study emphasizes the geopolitical imperative for the EU to bolster its ties with this region, crucial in today's evolving geopolitical landscape. By prioritizing equitable green energy initiatives, both regions can not only reshape their energy landscapes but also foster a partnership grounded in mutual respect and collective progress.

The study advocates for an approach centered on equity, ensuring that the transition to renewable energy addresses both the EU's environmental and energy security needs while catalyzing economic development and sustainability in the Southern Neighbourhood. It highlights the importance of collaborative efforts in technology transfer, capacity building, and innovative financing mechanisms to create a resilient and sustainable energy infrastructure benefiting both regions. The study's recommendations offer a roadmap for a fair and cooperative green transition, aligning efforts with broader goals of sustainable development and mutual prosperity.

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