We introduce in this paper a vision and actionable guidance for regenerative value driven business, contributing to a wellness-fit economy. In this vision all regenerative value driven companies, while pursuing their growth, strive to ensure that every person contributing to their success is afforded the opportunity to learn, grow and lead fulfilling lives, playing their part to create the conditions required for humanity to flourish within the carrying capacity of our finite planet. After the introduction, building upon our own definition of regenerative economy (section 2) and the regenerative transition scenarios meta-model TRIS (section 3), we eventually describe a regenerative value driven business approach (section 4) and, associated to this, suggest a scheme of Wellness-Fit Business Benchmark to help regenerative value driven business to pursue outcomes that contribute to a Wellness-Fit Society (section 5). Section 6 concludes providing key policy recommendations to foster regenerative value driven businesses growth.

By Carlo Sessa, Senior Research Fellow, EMEA and Prof. Ayadi, President and Founder, EMEA and Professor at the Bayes Business School, City University of London

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