The policy session titled "Agroforestry sector in the EU: Towards novel policies and financing frameworks" was held on June 28th, 2023, at EMEA Headquarters in Barcelona. Organised as part of the REFOREST project, funded by Horizon Europe, the session aimed to explore innovative financial instruments and policy recommendations for promoting agroforestry systems in Europe. REFOREST aims to promote innovation, and knowledge exchange, and empower farmers in achieving multiple objectives like food production, carbon capture, and biodiversity enhancement through agroforestry. The European Green Deal's ambition to tackle climate change and environmental degradation necessitates policy initiatives and sustainable prac-ces for a resource-efficient and competitive EU economy. Agroforestry, a multifunctional system, holds significant potential to contribute to this transition by offering environmental, economic, and social benefits. The policy session aimed to connect experts in the field and foster knowledge exchange on finance and policies related to the agroforestry sector in the EU. It focused on the current regulatory framework, financial mechanisms, carbon markets, and recommendations for novel policies and financing frameworks in the EU agroforestry sector. Renowned research organisations specialising in agroforestry across Europe participated in the session. The event was held in a hybrid format, allowing for both physical and virtual attendance. The session covered several key topics, including the latest developments and knowledge on finance and policies applicable to the agroforestry sector, the role of agroforestry in EU policies, gaps in financing mechanisms and policies, strategies for effective and sustainable financing, agroforestry's contribution to climate change mitigation, and an-cipated changes and recommendations for novel policies and financing frameworks in the EU agroforestry sector.