Economic security has become a top priority for the West following the disruptions caused by COVID-19, the Ukraine War, and the growing threat of near-peer competitors. This paper emphasizes the importance of brain capital in optimizing national security. Specifically, it explores the dangerous potential of neuroweapons, the need for a “Neuroshield” to protect democracies from the risks of mis- and disinformation, the implications of neural enhancement via brain-computer interfaces, and other innovative research agendas related to national security and brain health. The authors argue that it is critical for policymakers to develop clear guidelines and policies to protect brain capital and recognize how it can be utilized to enhance national security. In order to develop novel data and solutions in this area, they also propose the creation of an action group on brain capital for national security, hosted by the Brain Capital Alliance and the Baker Institute for Public Policy.

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Paper authors: Harris A. Eyre, William Hynes, Geoffrey F. L. Ling, Jo-An Occhipinti, Rym Ayadi, Michael D. Matthews, Ryan Abbott, Patrick Love