Saturday | 23 Sep 2023

Community 4 Living Areas is a project under the INTERREG Euro-MED Green Living Areas mission. The Mission is to put sustainable development, management of living areas, and energy transition front and centre to improve the quality of life of Mediterranean citizens. Throughout the project, green living areas will be developed with minimum impact on the Mediterranean and global climate system by addressing air pollution, energy consumption, and mobility issues.

The Community project (C4LA), aims to build a community among thematic projects and facilitate resource transfers to stakeholders, focusing on technical and strategic content.

This project has the twin Institutional Dialogue project (D4LA), which aims to amplify the transfer of policies by fostering focused dialogue among policymakers and their stakeholders, focusing on policy mainstreaming.

The project partners of C4LA are:

Scientific Research Centre Bistra Ptuj – ZRS BISTRA PTUJ (SL)- LEAD PARTNER

Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association – EMEA (ES)

MedCities Association – MedCities (ES)

ENVIRONMENT PARK – Science and Technology Park for environment – Envipark (IT)

North-West Croatia Regional Energy Agency – REGEA (HR)

National Association of the Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria – NAMRB (BG)

Regional Center for Development and Cooperation – RCDC (AL)

Region of Western Greece (GR)