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Nektar Baziotis

Nektar is a serial Founder and Entrepreneur, with more than 20 years experience in International Business Development, IT Project Management, IT Business Consulting and E-Learning. Successfully delivered IT products and services for the UN, European Commission, European Parliament, organizations and private held companies in several countries. With formal education in Maths (AUTH), International Business (Penn) & MBA (Sheffield).Started his career in 1998 and promoted after internship to team leader, with a lengthy experience in Project Management and Business Consulting in the area of IT, web and apps. Co-Founder of Apogee Information Systems in 2005 with main focus of websites, custom web applications and e-learning. He has managed and successfully delivered to various institutes and organizations, several projects and products in the EU countries and the USA, for public and private sector partners and clients. Previously, he has been director, team leader and project manager in international companies as well as for EU’s governmental agencies. Strong communicator and dealing successfully with challenges.Researching cutting edge technologies and methods on E-Learning, AI and VR. As a leading technological breakthrough, managed a team to create Icarus an AI E-Learning platform combining knowledge management, machine learning and profile cognitive understanding. For the next phase he has deployed a strategy for combining e-Learning and VR, which will be used in vocational education and training.