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Governing Board

Governing Board

EMEA Governing Board rules, administers and represents the institution legally vis-à vis the authorities. This body appoints the members of the Executive and Advisory Boards. It includes the founders: the President, the Vice President (s), the Secretary and the Treasurer. The Governing Board is responsible for executing the decisions made by the General Assembly (composed by the founders) and relies on the support of the Executive Board.

Executive Board

EMEA Executive Board – is the core team of members responsible for the strategy, direction, management, research, funding, executing the legal obligations, day-to-day operations and monitoring.

The Executive Board is chaired by Prof. Rym Ayadi, EMEA Founder and President.  She is responsible for the direction, strategy, management, research programming and day-to-day operations of the institution.  She is supported by EMEA Coordination.